Was I born Gay?

This is such a sensitive topic for me because I once thought I was born a bi-sexual or lesbian. I have a lot of Homosexual friends and family members and now that I am a christian its hard to speak about it with them because a lot of them truly believe they were born this way. Honestly who am I to argue with them? All I can do is share what I have experienced and learned since finding Christ.

“God made me this way”.  That is a common thought of a homosexual person. Just because we have a thought or something is programmed into our minds at a young age we believe we must have been created that way. Lets take it back to Genesis. When God created the world and Adam and Eve. Oh lovely Eve, that was so easily deceived by the serpent. Because of the first sin of man every human that was born after them was born in sin. Separated from God spiritually. Which is why Jesus Christ had to be the human sacrifice to reconcile us with the Lord. But back to being born in sin, because we are born with sin in our heart, into a world filled with sin, the devil automatically has the upper hand in our lives. He is in control of this world and everything we are seeing and experiencing. Its hard not to walk around and not see a gay couple, which is completely normal in today’s world. Now if you have a thought or feeling as a child about liking the same-sex and you turn on your tv or walk outside and see that homosexuality is normal, then you are never going to think it’s bad. People are telling you that if you feel like you’re attracted to the same-sex then you were born this way. Of course you’re not gonna argue about it your going to do whatever pleases your flesh because that is what we do. We live to please our sinful desires because before we know Christ we don’t know any better.

I speak on this not because it’s what I learned in church or from anybody. This is what I lived through. I was struggling with this spirit since I was a child. It started with kissing girls when I was little. To having full on sexual relations with them when I got older. Growing up in a family with a few homosexual people and being surrounded by it of course I thought this was normal. Although I did have some knowledge of God and knew that the bible clearly states that it was a sin. I thought, well God must make some exceptions right?. Wrong. Pleasing God wasn’t my concern when I was living in sin and being in a lesbian relationship was only one of the many sins that I was committing at the time. I had a serious drinking problems, I smoked weed like my life depended on it and the list can go on. Finally when I couldn’t take the life I was living anymore I knew I needed Jesus. Deep down living in sin was killing me. The thought if I died I would go to hell was haunting me.

But back to battling this spirit, it wasn’t until I gave my life to Christ that I began to understand that Satan really messes with your mind and he doesn’t have an age limit. He is active in our lives from the moment we come out the womb trying to stop us from having a relationship with God. Making us comfortable in our sin. The world has made gay marriage legal so that people who are living in sin can feel comfortable. Now they feel because the government approves then it must be ok. That is exactly what satan wants. He wants people to feel comfortable in their sin so they wont turn to God. But the word of God teaches us we are not to follow the world but His word which gives us life. We have to separate ourselves from this world and their behaviors if we want to reign with our heavenly father. When I spoke to God about my battle with this spirit, He spoke to my spirit and reminded me that I was made in His image and He didn’t create a confused child. I had to search for God to get the answers to my many problems. But in today’s society sadly people don’t turn to God anymore for answers they turn to the world and if the world says its ok then in their minds they figure it ok.

Am I condemning homosexuals to hell? Of course not. Who am I to judge? I was just in that spot almost a year ago. But God saved me so I can be an example that it’s not too late. He is waiting for you to stop going to the world for answers and support but to go to Him. He is the only one that can save you and He loves you! A lot of homosexual people are afraid to go to church because they think they won’t be accepted which is really the fault of a lot of churches. I mean of course we have to preach against the sin but welcome the sinner. Church is a hospital for the spiritually hurt and sick people. We have to encourage each other and show the love of Christ so that we can bring souls to His kingdom. I know that death is something everyone thinks about and I’m sure it scares a lot of people to think if they died right now they would be going to hell. I know it use to scare me.

So were you born gay? No. God loves you but He doesn’t like your sin. If you give Him a chance and let Him work in your life He will help you overcome this spirit. Because the victory is yours!


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